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Discover people like you

People Like You

Find awesome, like-minded people and the stuff they love.

Find awesome,
like-minded people
and the stuff they love.

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How Affinity Works

Find like-minded people

Random chance not required.

All the studies say it. Happiness is determined by the quality of the relationships we have.

Weirdly though, most of us just rely on random chance hoping we’ll find “our people”. The old wing and prayer strategy. Here’s the thing though. Every day we’re walking right by amazing people we would completely hit it off with without even knowing it.

That’s why we’ve combined our love of psychology and data science to try and crack this wide open. We invented Affinity to make it easy for people to find and connect with other like-minded people.

Who’s most like you?

See who are your most like-minded friends.

We didn’t want to stop at just helping you find new people. We also want you to have better relationships with your existing people.

It’s easier to be a good friend to someone if you understand how they tick. Part of that is knowing how you’re similar and how you’re different. Affinity profiles allow you to get this richer understanding of these dynamics to help you improve your relationships.

Not only that, you’ll also be able to see who are your most like-minded friends!

Go coolhunting

Discover new music and content loved by people just like you.

Guess what one of the most reliable sources for finding cool new stuff is? That’s right, other like-minded people.

We’re all over this – that’s why we created the Affinity radar to unearth new content via Spotify, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads.

As you look through other people’s Affinity profiles, you’re also able to listen to music they’re liking, the books they’re reading as well as check out videos, photos and tweets they are posting.

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