/Collection Statement
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Collection Notice

Affinity.me Pty Ltd ACN 614 913 370 collects personal information (including sensitive information) to:

  • create your user profile in the Affinity.me App and website;
  • administer your Affinity.me questionnaire and associate your answers with your user profile;
  • analyse your answer data, together with feeds from your other social media accounts (this is optional), to generate your Affinity.me score;
  • using your Affinity.me score and traits, connect you with like-minded Affinity.me users;
  • provide de-identified statistical reports to participating brands; and
  • do any other activities which are reasonably necessary in relation to the implementation of the Affinity.me platform.

If we do not collect your information, we may be unable to provide our services to you.

We may disclose your information to our personnel, our related entities and service providers in Australia and the U.S. We take reasonable steps to de-identify your sensitive information before disclosing it.

Our Privacy Policy describes how you can access and correct your personal information, and how to make a complaint if we have breached the Privacy Act.”